Fee Structure:
$145 / 50 min
$205 / 80 min (ideal for relationship work)

We accept all major credit cards and use Ivy Pay to process our payments, which is a HIPAA compliant platform designed specifically for therapists. Before your initial session you will receive a text message link to complete your payment profile. Charges will appear on your bill as “Ivy Pay.”

Our therapists are not in-network providers and do not deal directly with insurance companies. Insurance invoices are available upon request for HSA and out-of-network coverage. 

Why is this a benefit to you as our client?

  • Our services are completely private and discrete.
  • No insurance company can dictate how we treat you or the duration of your treatment.
  • Since we are in no way connected to the insurance system, we are not required to pathologize our clients through the potential stigma of DSM diagnosis, unless you specifically request a diagnosis for insurance invoicing purposes. Mental health diagnosis goes in your permanent health record and can raise your health insurance and life insurance premiums.
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