Family Affairs: Overcome Infidelity

Indigo is back on Family Affairs!

New Episode: Overcome Infidelity – Or Don’t.

A letter from a listener sparked this conversation (which turned into a whole show) about infidelity. Cheating is the oldest and most challenging story in the sex and relationship book. Anyone who has experienced it first hand – or been witness to infidelity in others’ relationships – knows just how painful it can be. Ultimately it’s about jealousy.

Why are we jealous? Why does infidelity hurt so bad? Why do we feel ashamed both as cheaters and victims of cheaters? Most importantly: what should we do about infidelity? Many feel that it’s a deal-breaker and there can be no forgiveness. Others are more willing to look into the reasons it happened and weigh the behavior against the relationship’s potential to be salvaged.

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