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Open Relationships
Libido Discrepancy
Out of Control Sexual Behavior
Sexual Pain
Substance Abuse & Addiction


About Us

Mile High Psychotherapy provides counseling for relationships of all kinds and for individuals seeking to improve their interpersonal lives. We incorporate knowledgeable, non-judgmental, solution-focused techniques along with mindfulness practices and relational expertise.

Indigo is one of the few AASECT certified sex therapists in the state of Colorado. She works closely with her clients to achieve their unique vision of a satisfying relationship landscape and to attain personal ease and fulfillment. Jason has attained the highest level of certification in addiction treatment. He co-created and facilitates an adolescent intervention program in Jefferson County, in addition to his private practice work with individuals and families. Both of us are passionate about developing an ongoing, profound rapport with our therapeutic clientele and we are consistently available for communication outside of session time. If you are suffering from stress, loss, depression or challenges in direction, we offer free phone or email consultations to see if working with one of us is the right fit for you.