Try Something New…

The tired old trope that a couple should “spice up their sex life,” comes from a very real and common issue: partners that have been together for awhile know each other well. Too well. Their sexual script gets increasingly efficient, knowing exactly what swirl or lick does the trick, and after 237 times exactly like that, the same old move starts to feel a little stale.

You can take a trip to the local sex shop and buy a cheap french maid costume, or order an expensive toy online that you’re not sure about, but often all you need is some fresh material!

Free and easy, there are now multiple websites which offer online quizzes. The site will compare your answers to show what tickles both your fancies. You’ll learn things about your partner’s proclivities and perhaps your own.

With settings from basic to expert, these questionnaires can get pretty detailed and might ask about things you’ve never even heard of before. But no need to be embarrassed about clicking ‘maybe’ to pegging – if your partner’s answer doesn’t match up, it won’t show on your results.

Check out Carnal Calibration and Mojo Upgrade to give one of these tests a try.

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