What Is Sex Therapy?

Sex therapy is an extension of traditional talk therapy used to address a wide array of sexual concerns. Topics include issues with arousal, out of control sexual behavior, sexual pain, difficulty achieving orgasm, physiological shifts after childbirth and menopause and changes in the sexual dynamic of a couple over time.

Sex therapy will never include sexual contact with your therapist. Sex therapy is NOT sex surrogacy or a euphemism for sex work of any kind.

Sexuality is an integral part of our lives which deeply impacts our relationships and our individual health and well being. Unfortunately, most therapists and counselors receive minimal training in addressing sexual issues and in exploring our sexual selves. Many therapists are uncomfortable even discussing sex. I have had clients begin therapy with me who have been in couples therapy for years without ever discussing sex. Not discussing sex early and often in the therapeutic process perpetuates sexuality as a shameful or secret aspect of ourselves, cut off from the core of who we are and undeserving of care and attention.

Even in the absence of the clinically concerning issues mentioned above, I incorporate sex as a facet of any complete therapeutic process, whether individual or relational. Integrating our sexual identity into a concept of health and wholeness and working through issues that may be hindering our optimal sexual joy is crucial to achieving confidence and satisfaction in many other areas of our lives.

In addition to my personal belief that sex positivity and sexual exploration are crucial elements to effective counseling, I have received rigorous post-graduate training and supervision specific to sex therapy. As one of the few AASECT certified sex therapists in the State of Colorado (the gold standard in our field) I immerse myself in a community of colleagues committed to ongoing learning and activism. I serve as the treasurer for the Colorado AASECT chapter; we offer frequent opportunities for therapists to receive continuing education credits and training around sex therapy. I am also involved in the Sexual Health Alliance; we offer fun, educational events, such as monthly Sex Nerd Trivia held at Carbon Cafe on Platte Street on every 4th Tuesday night at 7:00, which I occasionally host.

Sexuality encompasses many aspects of life - our attitudes and beliefs, our emotions and experiences. As a sex therapist I believe in incorporating sexuality into the work we embark on together, whatever your personal goals may be.

Image credit  Trinity Newman

Image credit Trinity Newman